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Analyst: Default chart layout

The default chart layout is the basic charting style which will be applied to all shares. It allows you to display, for each share, say, just the last six months data with a moving average and an RSI curve rather than all price data with no additional curves.

Individual shares can still have their own private layouts. These private layouts will be saved, if required, when a chart is closed and used next time the chart is drawn. If a private layout exists, it will be used instead of the default chart layout for this share. However, you can instruct the program to delete a private layout and use the default instead.

To set the default layout, open a chart and alter it as desired, adding moving averages, analysis charts, zooming in etc. Then right-click on the chart and select default / set as default from the pop-up menu. (Alternatively close the chart and tick the 'set as default' option in the ‘confirm save’ window.) This overwrites any existing default chart layout.

To apply the default layout to a chart with its own private layout, right-click on the background of the chart and select 'revert to default' from the pop-up menu.

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