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Analyst: User defined end gap for charts

The chart end gap is the space between the end of the graph line and the end of the chart. This was previously set at 25 days and is useful for extending trend lines into the future, for adding annotations etc.

The user defined end gap now allows you to select an individual end gap for any chart and a default end gap for all other charts.

To set the end gap, right-click on a chart and select end gap from the pop-up menu. The end gap is specified in weeks and can be made negative.

Longer end gaps allow you to see a more balanced chart when you are looking at several years worth of data.

Negative end gaps allow you to look at charts as they appeared in the past and may be used to test your ability to predict future price movements.

To set a default end gap, set the end gap in the normal way then right-click on the chart and use 'default chart layout / set as default'.

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