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Analyst: User defined portfolio display

User defined portfolio and list displays. Using this function you can select any properties to display together in the portfolio or list displays. You may select, for example, price, change, cost and date in the list display and other properties in the portfolio display. You can save and retrieve display layouts for future use.

This function can be accessed in two ways. You will need to have a portfolio active in the main Analyst window.

1. From the display menu click on 'report layout' or

2. Right-click on the active portfolio and select 'change report layout' from the popup menu.

The user defined list dialog box will be displayed.


Use the 'save/restore' box to retrieve or delete an existing layout file or create a new one.

'Portfolio' and 'list' tabs

Use the 'portfolio' and 'list' tabs to access the two modes of the portfolio display (when using the program you can toggle between these displays using the toggle button {bmc port-tit.shg} at the right hand side of the tool bar or the 'view portfolio' / view list' command in the display menu). Portfolio and list views apply to your own 'client portfolios'. System portfolios only use the list display.

Defining columns

Up to 13 columns can be defined in each of the two views. To add or change one of the column headings, position your mouse pointer over that heading and click on the down arrow. Select a property from the displayed list.

Column width

The screen width of the column may need to be adjusted. The average value in this column is 800-1000.

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