Analyst support: Intra day charting module

The intra day charting module is available as an add-on function to compliment the basic teletext updating features supplied with the Analyst program. (Please call WinStock Software on 023 8047 7709 for more information about this module.)

Intra day charting works in conjunction with the Analyst's teletext program and will update from either the Microtext or any of the WinTV teletext cards. The Analyst follows it's normal pagelist to read price, index or currency information from a range of channels, pages and sub-pages. The intra day module identifies all new teletext data that is detected. This data, along with date and time information, is stored in memory and then periodically defragmented and saved to hard disk. This continues as an automatic background task throughout the day. Subsequent days are added to the archive and give you a much clearer picture of price movements than would otherwise be possible.

To start the intra day acquisition, run the program as normal with teletext capture on. Intra day data acquisition is started as soon as teletext capture is turned on. You do not need to give any other command.

All shares, indices and currencies covered by normal teletext capture will be subject to intra day capture as well. You do not need to identify to the program which shares to process.

To display an intra day chart, right-click on a company name in a portfolio or the browser and click on chart / intra day. Intra day charts can be zoomed in to one minute intervals and can be built up to hold many months worth of data.

To display a listing of the intra day data right-click on a company name in a portfolio or the browser and click on price history / intra day.

The intra day charts and price displays both update themselves in real time as new data is received from teletext.

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