Analyst support: Internet updating

The web-based data feed is updated on our website every 15 minutes. It consists of high, low and closing prices for 3,000 shares, currencies, world indices, some gilts and commodities. Unit trusts and company results are also available.

To select internet updating click on file / update method / www. Once this setting has been made, the program will remember it for future sessions.

To perform the update click on file / update (or use the toolbar icon).

The Analyst will download all your data files. It knows how many days need updating and will update any period automatically from a single-click. 

The advantages of this method are: 

       The program does not need to use email so it eliminates the chance of emails getting lost or delayed in transit.

       Analyst can be updated at any time of day or several times a day as our web site is updated every 15 minutes.  

       Web-based updating allows you to get a more up-to-date portfolio valuation and draw more accurate charts as the portfolios and charts use the latest available data.

       Updating is fully automatic and will process any number of days with a single click.

       This updating method is compatible with Microsoft Vista and all previous versions of Windows.

       Price data is time stamped to show the time of the downloaded data.


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