WinStock Software - The Analyst for Windows

Price Updating

Prices histories may be kept up to date in a number of ways. Internet, teletext and diskette updating are all compatible and maintain closing prices, with highs and lows where available, for about 2,900 shares, currencies, indices, commodities and gilts. Updating from Prestel Citiservice provides Open, Close, High, Low and Volume figures for all 3,000 shares quoted on the London stock exchange. Portfolio valuations and graphs will reflect the latest data available to your system.

E-mail Feed

The e-mail feed consists of closing prices for over 2,900 companies, currencies, indices, commodites and gilts, with highs and lows where available. The file will be sent to your e-mail address each evening, free of charge. Once you have received the file The Analyst will quickly and automatically add its contents to your archives.

Prestel Citiservice

Prestel supplies OCHLV data for 3,000 shares, gilts etc. available from 6.30 pm each evening. Up to 20 days of zipped up back data can be downloaded in one session from Prestel's dial in bulletin board. Downloading and unzipping can be performed using Prestel's own program or using your own comms package and unzip utility. The Analyst will process any number of days of back data with a single command. The Prestel version of The Analyst will record all OCHLV information, displaying volume pips on price charts, OCHLV histories etc. Prestel can be contacted on 01483 783900.

Manual Input

Current Data : Activate your portfolio and click the right mouse button over the share in question. Select Manual Input from the popup menu and key in the share prices. Use the next/last buttons to enter prices for other shares in the portfolio. When you have finished entering data select File/Update to bring your archives up to date.

Historic Data : Position the mouse pointer over the share in question and press the right mouse button. Select Price History from the popup menu and key in the share prices.


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